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Geez....unorganized, procrastinator, easily distracted by things such as reading when he shouldn't be...he's a male ME!

I actually got a promotion at the hospital when I worked there by admitting those were my faults. One of those 'what are your weaknesses' questions and I was honest. But I also made them into virtures at the same time ('I admit I'm a procrastinator but that also requires me to work well under pressure and meet every deadline set.') The boss said it was probably the first time someone ever answered the question honestly and he was impressed by that. And forget cleaning - I find a scrapbook or old book under the bed and I'm lost for hours. I'll surface every now and then to comment 'I really need to get back to cleaning..' and then back into the book.

Anyway, give us procrastinating, unorganized people a chance!

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