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Sounds interesting, go for it. What has become of the cello playing gentleman? (or has "Come up and hear my cello" become the new "Come up and see my etchings"?? ;)

This is from a few posts ago, but honestly, Wash needs to get over it. Time to pull up his big boy pants. Would he have preferred you to drag it out? "Well, I'm thinking that we need to back off a little....I'm thinking definitely back off a little......I need some space.....I like you but...." The end would still be the same IMO, but just painfully longer. From your posts (and I'm only going by what I've read), he sounds needy and clingy and jumps too fast into secondary relationships. I remember saying he and Pansy were hurt by the way some of his other partners had ended things- maybe there was a *reason* why they ended it the way they did.

And quite possibly, they tried to end it by letting down easily and he didn't pay any attention until they had no choice.....?

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