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Would it be possible to meet *THE* guy and not have it be sparks and spontaneous combustion at the very first meeting? Or do you you feel that for you, it has to happen the very first time or it's a bust?

I'm just curious. If I decided not to continue rebuilding, I'm don't ever want a man/husband again! Honestly, my view is rather warped and cynical now and it never used to be. I don't think I'd ever trust one again. But I think for me, I'd rather start out slow, build up a friendship and see where that goes - to hell with the sparks. Sparks die out too fast. I'd rather have the slow burning embers that I know are going to be around for a long time. A couple of men I used to work with that I had 'crushes' on (never more than a workday friendship) were the un-sparkiest men I've ever met. Geeks, actually. But there was a lot to them that I found out over the years. Truth be told, they're both great men.

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