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What are your plans if you never meet The Guy?

I'm not asking to be mean either. I know it seems like you're dating a lot but it's all been within a few weeks. Most of your post-divorce time has been spent with R or Wash.

So what if it takes several years? What if it never happens? Do you have a plan in place for that? I ask because I have many friends (in fact most of my closest friends seem to be women in their late 50s-mid 60s) and most of them are divorced, a couple widowed. I was around when several of them went through their divorces years ago and I saw them do the same thing. The dating, the yearning to be with someone (esp. when the X remarried, one to the woman the affair was with), the thinking that *this* is the one, the mistakes, the marrieds. In short, everything post divorce. Heard all the details, all the good and the gory stories.

None of them remarried and none found any lasting relationship. The ones who made plans regardless of whether a man was around seem to be doing ok. I'm not saying this to be mean. I really and truly do hope you find SomeOne who will make you truly happy and treat you well. I'm just wondering if there is a Plan B. What if you didn't date 3 nights a week, what other things would you like to do with that time? Do you have female friends to do things with? (my mom and her several friends never stop on weekends, they definitely like men but don't seem to want them around very much, lol.)

Do you have classes, activities, groups, volunteering that you'd like to do? What would you do if you knew that The Man Plan wasn't going to pan out, what would be your next step? What would you want your future to look like then?

Just food for thought.....

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