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OH my god! I am glad you're OK.

Lisa Williams

OMG! Wow. I'm glad you and the other driver are OK.

Whenever I get asked about the "risks of blogging" -- like, isn't Some Internet Creep going to kidnap my children, I say, "if I wanted to reduce my real risks, I'd drive less aggressively and change my diet."

I know your driving is completely sane, but it's scary to come into such close proximity with our real risk factors -- which usually aren't the things we spend our time worrying about.

Maybe that's why events like this do make us feel better -- they reveal our worries as not so bad. If they're my worries, they get revealed as completely silly.


me three - I'm glad you are okay and even happy!


Glad to know you're alright. I just recently started reading your blog. And I just recently found out about my husband's affair. I almost wish a car would just hit me. Well, I know that's a little dramatic but I need something to make me forget about my world crashing in front of me.


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